Mobile Giving

Text messaging is the most effective way to solicit and collect spontaneous donations, as you simply text a keyword to a dedicated number. The donation appears on the donor’s cellular phone bill.

In partnership with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC), VuduMobile is offering MOBILE GIVING services for all Canadian charitable foundations and organizations


Donors are invited to text a keyword (SMILE in the example on the right) to make a donation that is automatically added to their cellular phone bill.

The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada bills the mobile carriers, issues receipts to donors and forwards the donations directly to your organization.

With VuduMobile, each month, your organization will receive 100% of all donations made via text message.

VuduMobile ensures the development and coordination of every aspect of your mobile giving campaign.

  • Connectivity and coordination with the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
  • Creation of SMS campaigns, selection and setup of keywords
  • Creation and coordination of mobile subscriber opt-in lists
  • Coordination and management of messages sent to mobile phone subscribers.

VuduMobile provides numerous services to facilitate donations and generate more revenue.

  • Use as many keywords as you want
  • Up to 4 donation amounts possible: $5, $10, $20 and $25
  • Add a SMS donation option to your website or Facebook page.
  • Convert spontaneous donors into recurring monthly donors.
Mobile Giving Foundation Canada


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Subscriptions: A few seconds after making a donation, you can send a new text message inviting them to donate on a monthly basis or subscribe to your organization opt-in list.

Tax receipts:  Official tax receipts are issued by MGFC on behalf of your organization to all donors who request it. Once the form is submitted, the receipt is automatically emailed to the donor.

Web platform: VuduMobile offers its clients a Web platform that can display results and create reports in realtime.

Donors: At any time, the organization can access the donor database via this Web platform.

Codes: The organization can choose between five common short codes available for mobile giving: 20222, 30333, 41010, 45678 and 80100.

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